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Jasmin Galmarini Testimonial

This exchange has been the best year of my life so far.

Having spent three terms at UCL, I can say I am absolutely honoured to have belonged to this university for an unforgettable year. I will miss spending days in the library, going to Bloomsbury fitness and tacitly recognising the same people who were always there, the amazing sunny afternoons outside the Print Room, drinking a smooth cappuccino in order to max out the loyalty card... and my debit card too! God knows how many cups I’ve had.

My degree was pushed further with a huge selection of diverse courses, from research-focused methodology to the advanced maths of Econometrics, complemented by psychological thinking applied to organisations, coding, the study of business in the new technological era and some…lots of…Mandarin, amongst other modules.

I will always be amazed by how I managed to create the reproduction of a social network through coding, something that I have never done before. I am also very proud and admittedly surprised by how I managed to read and write so many Chinese characters in only six months. The professors and administration have been always available and helpful, making my university switch and adaptation effortless.

Academics aside, I obviously learnt how British students party as well. Loop and ULU will be always in my memories. I always experienced unrivalled happiness when entering both places and recognising all my friends from all the different departments and sports.

I will never forget how awesome, open-minded, cheerful and hospitable all UCL students have been with me. This is something that I can prove by my experience here, and I am certain that even if the generations change this never will.

I leave the country with tears because of all the wonderful things it offered me and I will miss. I can’t express how grateful I am to everybody and I will hopefully come back soon, after my Master’s Degree in Paris (close enough to visit frequently!).