Arts Sciences



Q: How can I write a personal statement for Arts and Sciences which also reflects my interest in some other university programmes?

A: Due to the unique nature of the Arts and Sciences programme, we understand that it may not be possible to provide a personal statement which reflects both your interest in this degree and your other UCAS choices. We will take this into account and will not be looking at your main UCAS statement. You should therefore write what is most appropriate to the majority of courses on this statement as Arts and Sciences will not consider it.

Provided you are eligible, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire more specific to Arts and Sciences. We will then look at this closely to see if we wish to progress your application.

Q: What sort of student is Arts and Sciences (BASc) looking for?

A: A wide range of students are suitable for this programme. Please see the application pages for a list of qualities, a majority of which (but not necessarily all) should apply to you.