Arts Sciences


Dr Alfonso Borragán

alfonso borragán is Lecturer in Arts and Interdisciplinarity on the Arts & Sciences (BASc) programe. He is an interdisciplinary artist, farmer and researcher.  

His practice and research explore and activate relational processes, physical and metaphysical, with the earth, usually though collective processes and collective actions. His methodologies are based in collective processes that lead to collective actions. The research develops through workshops, conversations, actions and experiences. The studio methods include: performing; scripting; writing; photography and video; and the creation of artworks called Remnants, generated by the actions and the research throughout his process.

His practice is manifested inside the fragility of collective processes and the ephemerality of action, like a latent image in constant change. His work has been described as a “vague momentum”, the critical instance where the generation of images is potentiated. As an artist, he tries to channel an experience, building situations and devices that are born to be consumed and that try to modify the perception of reality, interfere or expand it. These develop at a symbiotic level with humans, through a correspondence that is activated through them and disappear with them. His works are articulated among them as part of a system of relationships in process.

As part of its work methodology, he activates long interdisciplinary collective processes with the context. He generates collectives formed by the local communities amalgamated with teams of scientists, anthropologists, geologists and other technicians that expand and develop different views during these processes. These processes usually form in collective actions, ingestions, installations, videos and publications.

He has exhibited and developed works both nationally and internationally. His latest works have been seen at the National Museum of art and CCELP in La Paz (Litofagos-Goalito); Botin Centre in Santander (Halito); Emerson Dorsch in Miami (Bucarolito); Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona (Alterbees); Kontejner in Zagreb (Daguerrolito); Plataforma Bogotá (Fosfofagia 04) and Khoj Artist Association, New Delhi (Fosfofagia 03).

He has taught classes, workshops and conferences at the Slade School of Fine Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, London College of Communication, Swansea Metropolitan, Plymouth University of Arts, University of Cantabria, University of Barcelona, ​​Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) or the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.


Alfonso is module convenor for BASC0020 Art and Interdisciplinarity I: Measuring the World and BASC0049 Art and Interdisciplinarity 2.