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Cultures Year 2 choices

Please note the selection below is only indicative of the choices available to you under the Cultures pathway during your second year. A much wider range of modules throughout UCL is available subject to the constraints shown on the previous page.

CodeTitleCreditsPrerequisiteModule Level
ANTH0013Introduction to Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology and Material Culture15ANTH0002Level 5
ANTH0083Experimental Cinema and New Media: Form and Narrative15 Level 6
ANTH0084Documentary Radio - A Practice-Based Introduction15 Level 6
ANTH0085Documentary Film-Making - Intermediate Practical Skills15 Level 6
ANTH0189Feature Writing in a multi-media world: journalistic skills for the digital age (not running in 2024/25)15 Level 6
ANTH0190Writing about International Affairs (not running in 2024/25)15 Level 6
ANTH0205Interactive Factual Narratives15 Level 5
BARC0103Design and Creative Practice 230Portfolio reviewLevel 5
BARC0104Design and Creative Practice 2 (compact)15Portfolio reviewLevel 5
BASC0007Creative Writing (video)15Submission of a small portfolio of writingLevel 5
BASC0008Science meets Religion in the Global Community15 Level 5
BASC0020Art and Interdisciplinarity: Measuring the World15 Level 5
BASC0022Interactions of Music and Science (video)15 Level 5
BASC0026Advanced Creative Writing (video)15BASC0007 or submission of a small portfolio of writingLevel 6
BASC0032Critical Race Theory (video)15 Level 5
BASC0042Race, Gender and Feminism15 Level 5
BASC0084Screenwriting: Theory and Practice (this module is taught at the UCL East campus)15 Level 5
BENG0026Tech Journalism: Analysis and Communication in Engineering and Technology15 Level 5
BPLN0078Urban Design: Theory to Practice15 Level 5
BPLN0085Urban Form and Formation15 Level 5
DUTC0008Multiculturalism and Identity15 Level 5
EDPS0252Materials and Meanings of Education: International Perspectives15 Level 5
ELCS****See the 'Selecting your modules' page for options available15 Level 5
ENGL****A range of options in English are available3060% in both ENGL0005 essaysLevel 6
HART0035Advanced Lecture in the History of Art (1) A15HART0005 or HART0006Level 5
HART0036Advanced Lecture in the History of Art (2) A15HART0005 or HART0006Level 5
HPSC****A range of options in Science and Technology Studies are available15 Level 5
PHIL0012Metaphysics15 Level 5
PHIL0024Ethics15 Level 5
SEEE0002How Words Work: Sounds and Sense15 Level 5
SEEE0003How Words Work: Meaning and Modularity15 Level 5
SEEE0006Tales of the Unexpected: the Supernatural and Fantastic in Literature, 1800-193015 Level 5
SSFA0034Methodologies of Drawing15 Level 5
********See the 'Selecting your modules' page for options available15Language A Levels (or equivalent) may be requiredLevel 5

Students should check the online module catalogue for assessment details and the confirmed term a module is scheduled to run.

Final Year Choices

Information on course choices for the final year can be found at the link below: