UCL Faculty of Arts & Humanities


EDI Activities

29 September 2022

Dr. Hélène Neveu Kringelbach, Vice-Dean EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) shares developments in EDI throughout the Faculty and a recap of past events - with the promise of some exciting EDI events in the works for the Autumn.

Lilian Thuram

In Arts and Humanities, 2021-22 was a very busy year for EDI activities. All departments in the Faculty now have an Inclusion Lead, and most have an EDI committee working to create more inclusive cultures throughout the Faculty. Our EDI budget funded 16 small, exciting projects in 7 departments and programmes. In May for example, EISPS organised a very well attended cultural awareness workshop in which staff members Li-yun Liao, Dr. Igor Rogelja, Dr. Alessandro Spano, and IoE PhD student Zinie Zhang shared their knowledge of the differences between British and Chinese educational cultures.

At Faculty level we organised a number of EDI-focused events, both public and for staff. Highlights in terms 2 and 3 included an online conversation on autism with Dr. Eloise Stark in February, and a fully booked event in May with French football player Lilian Thuram. Mr. Thuram presented his latest book, ‘White Thinking’ (2021), and was in conversation with Mbango Mispa Same Essaka, Prof. Paul Gilroy, Dr. Hélène Neveu Kringelbach and Dr. Clive Nwonka on the social construction of racial categories in various European contexts. More events are in the works for this autumn!