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ReConnect: Friday 11 June

Replenish Festival listing by day. Explore the events, resources and wellbeing tips we have put together for the theme of ReConnect - our fifth day of Replenish Week.

Welcome to day five of Replenish Festival! 


UCL's Faculty of Arts & Humanities Wellbeing team, in collaboration with UCL Workplace Health, is delighted to welcome you to the fifth, and final, day of Replenish Festival. 

For each day of the festival we have planned a packed event programme which has followed a different theme. 

Today’s theme is ReConnect. Take a look at the events, resources, and wellbeing tips we have put together to inspire you to reconnect with something you feel you have lost touch with. This could be yourself, family, friends, colleagues, hobbies, nature - anything you want it to be. 


rope in heart shape


Friday's events

Mindfulness moment 9:25–9:30am 

Every morning during Replenish week we are running a five-minute mindfulness session with Headspace to set you up for the day.  

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Wellbeing and the Voice with Rachel Ley, Vocal Coach 10:00-11:30

How many times do we launch ourselves into speaking without taking care of how we might come across. In this session we will explore the body-voice connection through exercises and examples including relaxation, breath control, posture alignment and body language. Learn how your breath can help you sound and feel better whether you are speaking or not.

NB Please note this session is limited to 30 people and Faculty of Arts & Humanities colleagues will be prioritised

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Panel Discussion with Lina Kamenova, Steve Pilling, Sasha Roseneil and Matthew Blain 12:00-13:00

Our panellists will share their perspective on why mental health and wellbeing are important at UCL, and personal reflections and tips on managing their own wellbeing. You will have an opportunity to ask panellists questions in the second part of the event.

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Reflect and Connect | 13:00-14:00 

This social session is a space to connect with your colleagues over a cup of tea and reflect on the week. We will be joined by Sam Lane from SilverCloud who will talk about how you can continue to support your wellbeing through a selection of psychoeducational programmes based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy available at UCL. 

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Desk Yoga: Reconnect 14:00-14:15

Join us for a short and relaxing session of desk yoga, led by Rachel Hall.

This yoga desk session will explore how different yoga poses can help us to connect to ourselves and the world around us. Yoga involves a mind-body dualism, with the belief that the body's processes can influence the mind. As our senses and perceptions change with each yoga position, so can our own perspectives on ourselves, others, and life.

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ReConnect resources

We have put together a collection of resources aligned with the daily themes we have running throughout our Replenish Festival week: ReSet, ReFrame, ReCreate, ReLit and ReConnect. For each of the of the themes you will find daily wellbeing tips, podcasts, apps, articles and UCL resources.

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Friday's wellbeing tips

Friday's thought of the day 

Written by Revd Lizzie Baughen MA. Chaplain UCL.

During this wellbeing week I will be posting a short thought for the day, in the hope that we will take a moment to reflect on our own wellbeing after what has been quite an incredible year!

My husband once met a man who had walked on the moon. His name was James Irwin and he was the commander of the lunar module on Apollo 15. My husband was a young man at the time and he admits he doesn’t remember much of the encounter or the conversation - except that he and his friend both fancied Jim’s daughter! 

For my introverted husband, encounters with strangers have never been easy. Looking back, his encounter with Jim was the epitome of lost opportunity. Unfortunately, he never asked the questions he wanted to ask, which could have improved his awareness, insight and understanding not only of Jim as a person, but of his unique experience in Space. 

For most of us this year, meeting new people has been restricted. I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing more of our friends and families over the coming months and reconnecting with the people and places which mean something special to us after such a long and difficult season. As we manage to catch up in person, however much we want to move forward, we are undoubtedly going to hear and share our personal experiences of the pandemic. For many, those experiences are still very much a living reality. Some of those who have been ill are living with the life changing consequences and those who have lost loved ones are grieving. People in India are still experiencing the full extent of the devastation. 

As we have reflected on our wellbeing this week and look forward to the summer holidays, I hope we can continue what we have started. Sometimes it is much easier to have a quick drink, play computer games or paint your nails than it is to 

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