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ReFrame: Tuesday 8 June

Replenish Festival listing by day. Explore the events, resources and wellbeing tips we have put together for the theme of ReFrame - our second day of Replenish Week.

Welcome to day two of Replenish Festival! 


UCL's Faculty of Arts & Humanities Wellbeing team, in collaboration with UCL Workplace Health, is delighted to welcome you to the second day of Replenish Festival. 

For each day of the festival we have planned a packed event programme which will follow a different theme. 

Today’s theme is ReFrame. Take a look at the events, resources, and wellbeing tips we have put together to help you ReFrame your thinking. 


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Tuesday's events

Mindfulness moment  |  09:25-09:30

Every morning during Replenish week we are running a five-minute mindfulness session with Headspace to set you up for the day.  

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How are you? Simple ways to grow your 'Calm is Capable' self  |  12:30-13:30

NB This event is only open to UCL students. 

Join our session led by a Virtual Mind Trainer. This 45-minute virtual session will provide you with an opportunity to explore your own emotions and what triggers them via a facilitated exercise (no requirement to share anything with the group). 

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Desk Yoga: Reframe 11:30-11:45

Join us for a short and relaxing session of desk yoga, led by Rachel Hall.

This session will show how you can find time and space to breathe and meditate at your desk. It will combine short breathing exercises with a guided meditation. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body and allows you time to turn onwards and relax. This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and let go.

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Action for Happiness: A talk by Vanessa King 12:00-13:00

Action for Happiness is a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society. This session, led by Vanessa King, a board member at Action for Happiness and author of Ten Keys to Happier Living, will explain the work which the organisation does, and give insights into how other institutions can help create positive spaces for people to work within. 

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In Conversation with Professor Noreena Hertz and Professor Sasha Roseneil 14:00-15:00

Professor Noreena Hertz, has been described as “one of the world’s greatest thinkers”; she is also author of The Lonely Century: A Call to Reconnect, and an Honorary Professor at UCL’s Institute for Global Prosperity. Join her, in conversation with Professor Sasha Roseneil, Pro Vice-Provost (Equity and Inclusion) and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences, as they explore the theme of loneliness. There will also be an opportunity for questions from the audience.

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ReFrame resources

We have put together a collection of resources aligned with the daily themes we have running throughout our Replenish Festival week: ReSet, ReFrame, ReCreate, ReLit and ReConnect. For each of the of the themes you will find daily wellbeing tips, podcasts, apps, articles and UCL resources.

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Tuesday's wellbeing tip

Written by Professor David Lomas, Vice Provost (Health)

Here are three things that I have found helpful during home working:

  • I start every day with 30 minutes of exercise;
  • I use a standing desk to save me sitting for long periods of time;
  • I ensure that I have a lunch break which I use to have a short walk in the fresh air.

Tuesday's thought of the day 

Written by Revd Lizzie Baughen MA. Chaplain UCL.

During this wellbeing week I will be posting a short thought for the day, in the hope that we will take a moment to reflect on our own wellbeing after what has been quite an incredible year!

Should we teach mindfulness to our pets? This was a serious question posed by the “loose women” on ITV recently. According to research, our pets pick up on our stress. It made me smile because apparently, we have been relying so much on our pets for stress relief over the past year, that there is concern that our pets may need to do some mindfulness breathing exercises with us! The suggestion was teaching them to breathe-in through their noses and out through their mouths (although if you have a pet snake or fish, I don’t recommend any of their suggestions!). Seriously though, it has been more than a challenging time for many of us, where taking care of our own needs has been even more difficult than normal.

Recently I spent some time with my daughter who is a teacher as she planned lessons for her year six class, focussing on the difference between “needs and wants”. Not an easy subject to explain to children. However, our needs and wants are important and strong drivers even as adults. In the business of our lives, where multitasking is the norm, life easily becomes taken over with externals, whilst our deepest longings and desires are left buried inside us and are never attended to. Sometimes it is necessary to recognise when we need to stop and be still, to notice how we are feeling. When was the last time you were able to be quiet and listen to your own heart?  So, what about our own deepest longings and desires? Do you know yours? I do not mean the BMW or Taylor Swift.  Our desires can become the impetus for deepening our spiritual journey. Perhaps that is something you haven’t thought much about before? Somewhere within all of us is something that needs attention. Our deepest desires can surface at any time. What are your deepest longings and how will they be fulfilled? As human beings we often imagine that we are all sufficient and independent, able to meet our own needs, when in fact we are dependent beings. We are dependent on the one who made us and draws us closer to himself, and dependent on others, whether they are furry friends or not!

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