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Transformations: Moving Image Storytelling

Kate Stonehill, Filmmaker, led an open access panel Q&A event around the editing of Life in a Day. A 5-day short course was also available to students.

Lead Speaker: Kate Stonehill, Filmmaker

Kate is an award-winning director and cinematographer whose work explores power, identity and citizenship in the digital age. She experiments with form in her films, playing with genre conventions to investigate truth. In 2020, she was a Logan Nonfiction Program documentary fellow. She is currently a Senior Teaching Fellow in Moving Image in the Department of Culture, Communication & Media at UCL.

Kate Stonehill 

'Over the course of one week, students on the Transformations course each conceived of, shot and edited a short documentary. We spent the first two days gathered as a group, diving into different approaches to documentary storytelling. We explored the creative use of sound and discussed the filmmaker’s relationship to their story. Together, we reflected as a group on the transformations that have occurred over the past year, from the literal (the introduction of new language) to the intangible (physical isolation leading to polarisation). After a rapid-fire introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro, all students impressively approached the task of editing their own films. The films were exported and hosted on a Vimeo Showcase. Some students used the film to communicate their research; others reflected on deeply personal themes. In a generous and thoughtful feedback session, students shared commentary on each other’s work and suggested further avenues for creative development and exploration'.

Open Event - Editing Life in a Day 

From June 2021

Kate Stonehill led a panel Q&A session with the following speakers who were involved with the making and editing of Life in a Day:

  • Mdhamiri Nkemi
  • Nse Asuquo
  • Sam Rice-Edwards (TBC)

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Short Course - Transformations: Moving Image Storytelling

Lead speaker: Kate Stonehill, Filmmaker

From June 2021

Over the course of the past year, our world has witnessed a radical transformation. The effects of the pandemic have reverberated in our lives in innumerable ways, from the personal to the political. This short course took the theme of transformation as its departure point, and invited participants to document the changes that have occurred around us. These changes may be small and subtle or drastic and conspicuous, but they each contain vital inflection points that tell us more about ourselves and the world we live in. 

Over the course of the week, students created a short documentary film centred around or reflecting on the theme of transformation. They learned about the different creative devices that are at your disposal as a filmmaker, experimenting with elements such as sound design and cinematography. 

In seeking to identify points of transformation, students exercised a vital storytelling muscle: that of creating an arc within a story. Through sharing and discussing your work as a group, they considered the different ways transformation is felt, seen and heard in moving image storytelling.

Transformations Showreel

Moving Image Storytelling - Short Film Showcase from Kate Stonehill

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Student Testimonials

Maria Schett 

When signing up for the course, I did not realize that I would be actually making, that is conceptualizing, shooting, and editing, a 5 minute movie within this week. And to my surprise: I did! Even more to my surprise: I am proud of the result, too! In the course, Kate, and all the other participant, created an amazing atmosphere and Kate's individual feedback was spot on! 

Marie-Louise Rouget 

I signed up to the Transformations: Moving Image Storytelling short course to explore the art of storytelling in another medium. I tend to feel more comfortable writing stories, but I think that the moving image allows for a greater degree of interpretation with audiences. Sometimes the silences express a lot of detail. In writing, I don't feel that we have the same freedom.  
This course offered an excellent technical and theoretical introduction. Over 5 days, we were able to create completely new stories that ranged from the personal to the scientific and even satirical. The time limitation gave the impetus to make critical decisions based on gut feel/ instinct and push through any feelings of uncertainty to be able to produce a finished piece. I'm grateful for Kate Stonehill's supportive and knowledgeable direction, and for the compassionate critique provided by others on the course. In time, I would like to develop my technical editing skills a bit more, but even in this short time, I was so pleased to be able to put together something that felt good using only a mobile phone and Adobe Premiere Pro. I highly recommend the course and hope that it will become a recurring feature of the UCL summer events programme. Thanks again, Kate!