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Personal Branding 101

Jessica Gosling, led a masterclass around personal branding (open to all). A 2 part workshop was also available.

Lead Speaker: Jessica Gosling

Jess Gosling is a UK Civil Servant, an Award-Winning Entrepreneur (Social Enterprise), Public Speaker, Academic & Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Champion.

Jessica Gosling 

'Hosting the Personal Branding 101 series for the Back to the Future series at UCL was a wonderful opportunity to give back. I've seen first-hand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to think about personal branding, authenticity, and networking through being a current PhD student at SSEES. Nevertheless, digital skills and entrepreneurial thinking is ever more important under the lens of the pandemic. Through hosting a masterclass on personal branding, and two workshops on networking and authenticity, students were able to build a framework on how to market themselves online for success.  Students need to be able to engage, promote and connect with like-minded colleagues, networks, and potential employers. Building design thinking skills, public speaking skills and confidence is key to thriving in a digital world, and this series helped facilitate this'.


Open Event - Masterclass: Personal Branding 101

From June 2021

Experimenting with your brand? Thinking about reinventing yourself? Looking to get to the next level after you graduate? In this masterclass, we took a deep dive introduction into all this personal branding. This masterclass focussed on the basics of personal branding, why it is important and how through just a bit of effort you can stand out to potential employers.   

This masterclass was intended to help you start contemplating your brand and give you effective actions on how to start creating your persona. It also looked at how to communicate both online and offline, who you are as a person, your strengths and skills as well as value you can bring.

The masterclass covered: 

  • Branding theory 
  • Personal branding insights & tips 
  • Best practises for LinkedIn and other social channels 
  • Q&A session 

This talk and Q&A session gave students insights into the working practices of personal branding, the core blocks of building thought leaderships and got them thinking about their own brand.   


Workshops - Personal Branding 101

Lead speaker: Jessica Gosling

From June 2021

Workshop 1: Networking Remotely 
Networking can seem overwhelming. Blockers like how to begin or questions around confidence often stop people from networking both in-person and remotely. Yet, it remains vital to career progression. Research has shown that 70% of new job acquisitions can be directly connected to networking.  

The workshop covered:  

  • Strategies to build a strong and impactful network 
  • Insights to maintain and leverage your network 
  • Communication best practises (tone of voice etc)  
  • Utilising social networks (LinkedIn) 

This session provided students with a framework and toolkit to navigate networking online. Through this session, they acquired detailed and practical tips on how to elevate their networking game. It also provided tailored advice and feedback.

Workshop 2: You Do You: Authenticity  
In the last year, we have seen a huge pivot in people needing to show up virtually. Nevertheless, with more people than ever online, it can be difficult to cut through the noise to be seen or heard. This is especially true for anyone graduating this year, but don’t worry, we’ve got you!  

Whether you’re catching up with your professor on Teams, sharing insights on LinkedIn or giving back through a session, this workshop will teach you how to have camera confidence every time and be authentic. 

The workshop covered:   

  • Identifying your USPs 
  • Insights into being authentic 
  • Tips on being confident to engage online. 

This session provided students with a framework and toolkit to build their confidence and engage authentically online. Through this session, they were given detailed and practical tips on how to show up and be themselves. It will also provided advice tailored to students with the opportunity for them to get feedback.