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How to speak so others will listen

Maryam Pasha, led a panel event with TEDx speakers (open to all). A 5-day short course was also available.

Lead Speaker: Maryam Pasha

Maryam is the Director and Curator of TEDxLondon and TEDxLondonWomen and co-host of the Climate Curious podcast. She has been coaching TEDx and TED speakers for ten years and the talks she has worked on have been distributed by TED to over twelve million viewers.  

Maryam Pasha 

"It was a pleasure getting to run this short course as part of the Back to the Future series for UCL students. The diversity of personal experiences and academic background added a richness to the course - from art history to computer science. I was really impressed by the students' attitude and their engagement, despite the course being entirely online. Their commitment to the course paid off  - they started as shy speakers with dry content and ended up as funny, poignant, inspiring storytellers. I am confident that they will take the skills and confidence they developed on this course into their academic and professional lives - and put it to good use!" 

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Open Event - How to speak so others will listen

From June 2021

TED’s overall mission is all about ‘ideas worth spreading’. In this spirit, TEDxLondon and TEDxLondonWomen reflect and draw on the energy and dynamism of this amazing city to create on and offline events that showcase an extraordinary range of inspiring, thought-provoking and entertaining speakers.

Find out more about TEDx, discover what goes into giving a great TEDx talk and how you can use the TED-style in work from our panel of speakers, with discussions chaired by Tim Beasley-Murray, Associate Professor of European Thought and Culture: 

  • Maryam Pasha: director and curator at TEDxLondon and TEDxLondonWomen
  • Ben Hurst: activist, advocate, speaker, presenter, facilitator, trainer, and TEDxLondonWomen 2019 speaker. As the Head of Facilitation and Training at Beyond Equality (formerly the Good Lad Initiative), he focuses on deconstructing and reconstructing masculinities with men and boys. Ben is also a freelance Diversity and Inclusion Consultant with a focus on race and gender and the co-host of TEDxLondon’s new podcast, ‘Climate Curious’
  • Bethany Rose: LGBT+ spoken word poet, writer and illustrator, and speaker at TEDxLondonWomen 2021 


Short Course -  How to speak so others will listen - "Back to the Future"

Lead speaker: Maryam Pasha

From June 2021

Students explored what makes TED talks unique with a curator and speaker coach Maryam Pasha. Honed their ideas, found their authentic speaker style, learnt impactful storytelling and public speaking tools and created a 10 min TED-style talk!  

Being able to speak in a compelling, articulate and confident way is essential for your career. Every time you speak your reputation is on the line, so being able to talk about yourself, your ideas and your vision is key to building your profile and having an impact. 

Public speaking is a skill that anyone can learn with practice and time. There is no hidden secret to being a great public speaker and there is no one way to speak with power and authenticity. This workshop used the same process and method that Maryam used with TEDx speakers to support students to create a 10 min TED-style talk. As well as putting together the talk, they learned how to use this method to prepare for other speaking opportunities and discovered how to develop their authentic voice.   


Student Testimonials

Maria Schett 

Maryam's public speaking course changed how will I begin my next conference presentation: instead of a boring introduction I'll go straight in with my research question. The course made me think of why my research is important to me and others---and how to tell that story! Then, coming up with a "Once-upon-a-time"-style story about my research on novel blockchain protocols, was a lot of fun and and one of the best bits of work I have done that week. 

Sandra Etuokwu 

My time on the How to speak so others listen’ online course was time truly well spent. Throughout the duration of the course Maryam, our course leader was wonderful and full of sagely advice and tips for public speaking. Her take-home points were relevant to all of us who tend to experience nerves where publicly speaking and universally applicable to situations where one might need to speak to a targeted audience or to a broader audience. She was also very encouraging and open to hearing our thoughts while given highly constructive feedback and successfully created a space where I believe we all felt free to speak on our topics and learn to give each other good feedback after presentations. It was truly an amazing experience that has taught me so much more about how to effectively communicate my ideas in an impactful way to others without taking myself too seriously and I would definitely recommend the course to others.