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These short courses, masterclasses and workshops were designed for you to reimagine your future, and develop the skills you'd like to take with you.

When we navigated this strange moment of emergence, we found an opportunity to reimagine our futures. The pandemic showed us that whilst we can never know for sure what the future holds, it’s vital that we have what we need to make the best of it.

Take a look through this programme of open access one-off events, all you need is some time and a curious mind.

The programme was led by some UCL academic staff, but mostly by film-makers, writers, digital experts, journalists and others who are successful in their fields outside the university.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

Statues in a museum

Decolonising the Museum

Why do we document collections? What happens when you digitise an object and its records? Can you ‘decolonise’ a database?

Short course

Robot looking at camera

Digital Futures

Discover how the knowledge, skills and experiences you’ve gained whilst studying the arts, humanities and social sciences can lead you to a thriving career in tech.

Masterclass / Short course

Student filming

From Page to Screen: Getting Started with Video

Short-form video content is now a mainstay of our daily feed. Learn the basic skills of planning, shooting and editing short films using your phone, your computer - and your creativity. 

Short course

Black and white photo of hand writing on paper

How to be a critic

From restaurant recommendations to long reads on the latest film releases: many of us are both consumers and producers of content about what we buy, where we visit and how we live. But what does it take to build a career in journalistic criticism?

Masterclass / Interactive workshop

Woman talking in front of camera

How to speak so others will listen

TED’s overall mission is all about ‘ideas worth spreading’. Find out more about TEDx, discover what goes into giving a great TEDx talk and how you can use the TED-style in work.

Panel event / Short course

Brand Identity book on desk

Personal Branding 101

What is your brand? How do you feel about networking? And what does it mean to be truly authentic in today’s world?

Panel event / Masterclass

Short poem in a book

Poetry for Better Futures

“Poetry is life distilled.” - Gwendolyn Brooks

How can we mobilise poetry as a tool for gaining new perspectives and creating change after the pandemic?

Panel event / Short course

Neon sign with data

Storytelling with data

Discover how to illuminate the power of data with an award-winning information designer, creative director, and author. 

Short course

Dragons Event

Taming Dragons - a Glimpse Behind the Scenes in the publishing Industry

What kind of discussions go on between booksellers and publishers? Are principles and friendships between authors, publishers and booksellers important or is it, at the end of the day, really just about sales? Join our panel to discover what it's really like to publish books in 2021.

Panel event

Filming sunset from a rooftop

Transformations: Moving Image Storytelling

The effects of the pandemic have reverberated in our lives in innumerable ways, from the personal to the political. Taking the theme of transformation, uncover the visual language of documentary storytelling.

Panel event on documentary film Life in a Day (2021) / Short course

Matthew Sperling books

Writing and Change

The pandemic has brought significant change in our personal lives, in our feelings and beliefs, in our relations to others, in our shared practices of living, and in the organisation of society. How do we, or could we, write about change?

Masterclass / Short course

Writing on rocks

Writing Your World

Follow your curiosity across subject matters and forms, explore new forms of creativity, and identify innovative new platforms from which to share your writing about the world.