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Our video wall captures a range of reflections from across our academic and student community. If you’d like to share your reflections and join our video wall, please take a few minutes to record a short film here.

Coming back to a post-pandemic future means stopping still, gathering courage, and observing this strange but hopeful moment.

  • What we have learned over the course of the pandemic?
  • What does this moment of unlocking and of coming back together and coming ‘back to the future’ mean to me?
  • What sort of future would we like to contribute to building?

Our reflections are both personal - on the importance of family and friends, on life in lockdown, on reconnecting with others. But they also relate to our other identities: as anthropologists, philosophers, linguists, economists, historians, literary scholars, teachers, students, and so on. 

We reflect on what we’ve learned from the pandemic, our own hopes and ambitions, and on how we think society, the world, or even UCL (in teaching and learning, in research, in addressing inequalities and injustices) could - or should - now be different.

“Look closely at the present you are constructing: it should look like the future you are dreaming.” Alice Walker

ICYMI: Video Wall

In Case You Missed It: catch up with our video wall from Back to the Future, Summer 2021.

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