History of Art


HART0153: Inventing Incas, Aztecs and Europeans - Indicative weekly topics


  1. Introduction: Precursors to the Aztecs and Incas, the Conquest 
  2. Chroniclers’ Accounts
  3. Writing Without Words 
  4. Working with Archaeological Sources: The Aztec Templo Mayor
  5. Working with Archaeological Sources: Capacocha
  6. Materiality: Feathers and Gold
  7. Materiality: Stone 
  8. Naturalism and Abstraction 
  9. Visibility, Invisibility, and Loss 
  10. Theory, Method & the Future of Pre-Columbian Art History


  1. Visualizing the Conquest
  2. The Nature of the Human: The Invention of “Indios”
  3. Object Visits to British Museum
  4. Hybridity and Colonial Art 
  5. Tenochtitlan and Mexico City 
  6. Spanish Cuzco: Colonial Incas
  7. Challenging Vasari: The Artist in the Colonial Period
  8. Student presentations of second essay topics 
  9. Student presentations of second essay topics
  10. The 20th and 21st centuries: Cultural Patrimonies, Tourism, and Repatriation