History of Art


HART0088: Art and Visual Culture in Early Modern England - Indicative weekly topics


  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Contexts: Theory and practice
  3. The image of Elizabeth I: Gendering the queen
  4. The Elizabethan courtier: Loving the queen
  5. Entertaining the queen
  6. Dissing the queen and visual politics of early seventeeth-century Britain
  7. England's lost renaissance?
  8. Subverting monarchy?
  9. Class visit to the National Portrait Gallery
  10. Class visit to the V&A


  1. Inigo Jones
  2. Conspicuous consumption
  3. The theatre of monarchy: Power and performance
  4. The theatre of monarchy: Power as spectacle
  5. Van Dyck and the portrait as political metaphor
  6. Henrietta Maria: Art, piety and politics
  7. The politics of dress
  8. A royal collection and the sale of the century
  9. The world turned upside down: The visual politics of war and political change
  10. Visit to the British Museum Prints and Drawings Department