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The History of Art Department at UCL is a world-leading centre of scholarship, consisting of a diverse community of researchers. The research culture of the Department is vibrant, a place where the challenge and excitement of thinking about visual form and material practices in their historical, social and political dimensions are never forgotten. More than a set of degree courses and research outputs, the Department is a community of scholars committed to pushing the boundaries of the critical and scholarly study of all forms of art.

The department has a longstanding expertise in the study of print culture as well as a unique concentration of scholars working on French eighteenth- and nineteenth-century art, especially the visual and material culture of the French Revolution. Other strengths include the study of Italian and Northern early modern visual culture as well as modern and contemporary art. The department is renowned for its contributions to feminist art history, and has significantly advanced the critical interrogation of class and race. Staff and research students working from the Medieval to the Contemporary are engaged with questions of materiality, media, sexuality, animality and the body.

Find out in more detail about the UCL History of Art Research Excellence Frame work resultsBriony Fer: Eva Hesse's Studiowork and the provisional status of the artwork.Libby Sheldon: The benefits of painting analysis for conservation and our cultural heritage.Tamar Garb: Exhibiting South African photography and the African Archive.



Research Staff

Listings of all our Research Staff, including contact details, research interests, publications and more.


Material Studies

The Material Studies Laboratory is a research and teaching facility housed within the Department of History of Art, UCL.

Oxford Art Journal Volume 39 Number 2

Oxford Art Journal

This issue focuses on 18th/19th century visual culture and dedicated to the work of Helen Weston.

Revolution Under a King

Revolution Under a King

An exhibition which featured prints from the early, highly volatile years of the French Revolution.

Staff publications

Staff Publications

An on-line bookshelf with a selection of publications authored and edited by staff past and present.

Dangerous Diaries

Dangerous Diaries

An exhibition which reflected on how we decipher the perils of production, and how perceptions of risk have changed over time.



The Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art is a lively research community for graduates and staff working and researching in the field of contemporary art.

Past Imperfect, dictionary definition

Past Imperfect

Past Imperfect is a visual culture research seminar series that shares and explores recent concerns with the past and its place in the present.