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Vladimir Vilde

Vladimir Vilde


After an MSc in Physics from the University of Namur (UNamur) in Belgium, Vladimir Vilde decided to continue in heritage sciences by applying for the EPSRC SEAHA CDT. He stepped into this field with his master thesis titled "Experimental techniques for parchment characterisation", for which he obtained the Victor Mersh prize rewarding the best final year project in Physics at UNamur. His thesis is also a part of the trans-disciplinary research group Pergamenum21 which brings together various disciplines including science, art and conservation. Additionally, he did an internship at the University of Surrey in the surface analysis laboratory looking at parchments with the ToF-SIMS.


Comparison of Painting Lining Methods for Historic House Environments

Vladimir's PhD project is jointly supervised by the Department of History of Art and the Institute for Sustainable Heritage at UCL, English Heritage and LaVision.

Research Interests

His research focuses on the sustainability of canvas restoration process in uncontrolled environments such as those in historical houses from the English Heritage. For such an investigation he will use a wide range of optical and mechanical techniques alongside atmospheric indoors monitoring to survey factors such as relative humidity and temperature which can fluctuate and affect the paintings. The outcomes will support conservators in their choice of applying a treatment correctly on paintings that need to be displayed in the particular environment of historical houses. For this project, Vladimir will be mainly based at the Department of History of Art in UCL and will be supervised by Dr. Emma Richardson.

Blog Article

'Caring for paintings with the use of a simple camera' National Heritage Science Forum blog 17 March, 2017