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Sevan Injejikian

Sevan Injejikian


I graduated from Concordia University with a BA in Creative Writing in 2005, and from McGill University with an MA in Art History in 2010.


New Media Interventions in Contemporary Art from Lebanon (2006-2015)

My research examines new media art projects that were produced during and following the 2006 Lebanon War, and how they engage with experiences of conflict in an era of digital "immediacy." I will be building on the existing literature that addresses the contemporary art practices of the postwar generation following the end of the Lebanese civil war (1975 - 1990) in order to take a closer look at artists working at the intersection of performance, video, and sound, and how they explore the historicization of recent conflicts in the Middle East, such as the Syrian uprising (2011 - ) and the Egyptian Revolution (2011), through new media technologies and platforms. My research will investigate how these projects can contribute to discussions on the use of social media during times of conflict, including earlier conflicts in Palestine and Iraq, and how they potentially set a visual precedent to the Arab Spring. Drawing from visual and cultural studies as well as cybertheory, I will address how these works examine the relationship between communications technologies and the construction of knowledge and power over spaces and bodies marked by war, and the new interpretive communities they produce in a digitally-oriented public sphere.

Research Interests

New Media Art, Cyber Theory, Trauma Studies, Memory, Archive & Visual Culture