History of Art


Marina Rovelli


I graduated from Ca’ Foscari (Venice) with a BA in Conservation of Cultural Heritage in 2013, followed by a MA in History of Early Modern Art from the same university in 2016 (110 cum laude). During my MA and before starting my PhD in January 2018, I worked as an assistant registrar at the Exhibition Office of Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, supporting mainly the activities related to the loan of works of art from the permanent collection to exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


Arts of metals in Milan (1450-1499)

My research is dedicated to the arts of metals (gold, silver, brass and bronze, steel) in Milan in the second half of the fifteenth century, a period in which the well-established tradition of Milanese metal manufacture reached a peak. In my project I aim to address the arts of metals considering the word art in its multiple definitions: whether in terms of what resulted in objects we would nowadays define as art (a category in which works in precious metals are often side-lined) and in the terms of "arte" as the practice of an activity characterised by a specific knowledge of materials and processes. Working from a cultural and material perspective, I wish to offer through this research the first insight into the fundamental role played by the arts of metals in Renaissance Milan.

My PhD is funded by UCL (Departmental Research Studentship in History of Art) and supervised by Professor Alison Wright.


‘Da parrocchiani a scolari. Alcuni volti della committenza di Santa Maria presso San Satiro (1476-1490)’, Arte Lombarda, 179-180 (2017/1-2), 29-41.

Other roles

2018-2019 (Spring Term): Teaching Assistant for the Advanced Lecture in the History of Art - Early Modern Bodies (HART0035)