History of Art


Kimberly Schreiber


Photography and the American Carceral Apparatus, 1964-1980

This project considers the relationship between photography and the American carceral apparatus between 1964 and 1980. Centring on the work of Danny Lyon, Bruce Jackson, and Leonard Freed, this thesis investigates the ways in which these photographers used their practice to understand the shifting terrain of incarceration and policing during this historical juncture. These materials suggest that, in order to unpack the steady consolidation of the neoliberal consensus across this period, we must see these years through the development of an intensely punitive carceral state––one that can be thought and seen by way of the antebellum plantation. This thesis is concerned with documentary and its histories, colour photography, questions of anachronism and temporality, as well as histories of racial enclosure. 

My PhD is funded by the UCL Graduate and Overseas Research Scholarships and supervised by Dr Stephanie Schwartz.


Autumn 2019: Course Tutor for Modern and Contemporary Art in London ('Photography and the Nation')

Spring 2019: Teaching Assistant for HART0001, History of Art and its Objects