History of Art


Research Students

Thalia Allington Wood


Grounded: Unearthing the Materiality of Sculpture and Mythic Space in Sixteenth-Century Italy

Pandora Syperek

Alexandra Ault


The fine art reproduction and the Printsellers Association circa 1847-1920

Helene Birkeli

Helene Birkeli


Translation, Sensation and Colonial Landscapes: A Visual History of the Danish West Indies, 1780-1855

Julie Bonzon


Identity in protest: The Market Photo Workshop and the new generation of South African photographers

Afonso Dias Ramos


Imageless in Angola: Living through the aftermath of war. Reinventing the photographic medium in a transnational age

Pandora Syperek

Danielle Dufort


The woman at the window: visual devices in the paintings of Jacobus Vrel and the subjective viewer in the Dutch Republic

Katarzyna Falęcka


Returns to the de/colonial archive: the photographic cultures of the Algerian War of Independence and their afterlives in contemporary art

Freya Field-Donovan


A Strange American Funeral: Proletarian Dance in 1930s America

Kelly Freeman


Skeletons of Iron & Bone: Architecture and Display in the Nineteenth-century Museum of Natural History

Dr Flavia Frigeri


Red Fish and Paper Tigers: The Mobilisation of Art and Image Culture in Rome, 1958-1968

Diva Gujral


The Lens and the Labyrinth: Photography in Artist Collectives, Abstraction and Identity in South Asia, 1943-1970

Sophie Halart


A Tight Fit: Skin and the Feminine in Argentine and Chilean Contemporary Art (1973-present)

Alison Harpur


Visual Culture and the Council of Ferrara-Florence (1438-1445)

Sevan Injejikian


New Media Interventions in Contemporary Art from Lebanon (2006-2015)

Anna Maria Kanta


Borderline Aesthetics: Intermedia Experimentation in East and West Germany and the Cold War, 1962-1985

Stefani Kavda


Cleaning of Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) Objects in Design Collections: A Study of Gel-based Cleaning Systems

Stephanie King


(Re)Mediating Under-Employment: Towards an Instrumental Practice in Neo-Liberal Britain (1974-1997)

Conor Kissane


Space, Time and Martyrdom: Unruly Images and Subversive Bodies in Counter-Reformation Rome

Sena Lee


The Disruption of Mythological Space in 17th Century Painting

Mallika Leuzinger


Dwelling in Photography: the practices and afterlives of photography by Indian women

Catherine McCormack

Catherine McCormack


Rethinking the Foot: Early Modern Visuality and the Body in Rome

Edward McDonald-Toone


Curating the 'Middle East': Exhibitions and the reception of contemporary art from the Arab world and beyond

Pandora Syperek

Francesca Migliorini


Imaging the imageless: Dante's Paradiso in the illustrations of Botticelli Zuccari Blake and Flaxman

Pandora Syperek

Irene Montero Sabin


Critical Responses to the War on Terror and the Contemporary Art Biennials

Sophie Morris


Muscles, Manners and Motion: Theatrical Anatomy and Print Culture in Seventeenth-Century London

Pandora Syperek

Renée Mussai


The Black Body in the Archive: Victorian Photography, Race and the Poetics of Difference. A Curatorial & Art Historical Enquiry

Gabriella Nugent


The Legacy of Belgian Colonialism in Contemporary Lens-Based Practices from Democratic Republic Congo

Pandora Syperek

Nathanael Price


Moses Meets Michelangelo: Figuring Iconoclasm in Early Modern Italy

Pandora Syperek

Levi Prombaum


James Baldwin's early portraits, 1945-1965: blackness and other queer matters of visibility in light of Beauford Delaney, Carl Van Vechten, and Richard Avedon

Amarilli Rava


Readhesion interventions on wall paintings: assessment of penetration, deposition and bond strength of organic, water-based adhesives on lime-based secondary supports

Anne Reimers


Visual Culture and the Dynamics of Fashionability in Weimar Berlin

Euan McCartney Robson


Architecture and Experience in Anglo-Norman England (1066-1150)

Lauren Rozenberg

Lauren Rozenberg


The cognitive phantasm and material perception of Christ in late-medieval parchment culture

Moran Sheleg


How to Make a Past: Painting since Reinhardt

Tom Snow


Istanbul 2009-2013: Activism and the Politics of Art in the Neoliberal Economy

Cecilia Stinton


Embodying Abstraction: The Multimedia Works of Wassily Kandinsky, Natalia Goncharova and Kurt Schwitters, 1909-1916

Olivia Tait


Homestories: Performing & Visualising the Familial in West Germany, 1961-1989

Helena Vilalta


Beyond 'Information': Embodied Conceptualism circa 1970

Vladimir Vilde


Comparison of Painting Lining Methods for Historic House Environments

Sarah Wade


Species of Wonder: Human-Animal Relations in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture

Elizabeth Went

Elizabeth Went


Beneath the Mourning Veil: The Politics of Mourning in Women's Contemporary Art

Rebecca Whiteley


Picturing Pregnancy: A History of the Early Modern Birth Figure

Marta Zboralska


The Place of Abstractions: In the Studio of Henryk Stażewski and Edward Krasiński

Recently Completed PhD Students

Bryony Bery


Volatility, Liquidity and Malleability: Replicating the Art of the 1960s

Dr Allison Deutsch


Culinary Metaphor, Materiality, and Constructions of Gender in French Painting and Art Criticism, 1865-1890

Rye Holmboe

Rye Holmboe


'The Ubu Effect'

Rosemary Moore

Rosemary Moore


Cuts in the Body: Knowledge and Print in Early Modern Visual Culture

Pandora Syperek

Nikoloaus Pegioudis


Artists and Radicalism in Germany, 1890-1933: Reform, Politics and the Paradoxes of the Avant-Garde

Giulia Smith

Giulia Smith


The Biological Imaginary of the Independent Group: Regeneration in Post-War Britain

Pandora Syperek

Pandora Syperek


Jewels of the Natural History Museum: Gendered Aesthetics in South Kensington, c. 1850-1900

Tom Wilkinson


Art History for the Masses: Mediatising the Discipline in Germany 1900-1940

Andrew Witt


Documentary and its Afterlives: California in Catastrophe