History of Art


Jacob Badcock

PhD supervisor: Dr Hanna Holling and Dr Ramon Amaro
Working title for PhD: 'Whiteness, Technics, and Time: On the Antiblack Materiality of Data'

My research is concerned with the relationship between race, technology, and time. I am specifically interested in how accelerated processes of technological evolution – the incessant production, consumption, and obsolescence of technical objects – are predicated on the antiblack exploitation of bodies and materials (i.e. gold, copper). As such, the opening chapter of my thesis will utilise methodologies from geology, archaeology, and anthropology to examine the emergence of electronic waste mining economies in West Africa, particularly Ghana and Nigeria. The aim of my project is to centre the category of race otherwise peripheral to philosophical-anthropological discussions on modern European technics, as found in the work of Martin Heidegger, Andre-Leroi Gourhan, Gilbert Simondon, and Bernard Stiegler. My wider research interests include critical race studies, critical ecology, contemporary archaeology, media archaeology, the philosophy of technology, and the philosophy of mathematics.