History of Art


Academic Staff

Permanent staff

Dr Natasha Eaton

18th and 19th century British art, post-coloniality and empire
Dr Natasha Eaton

Professor Mechthild Fend

18th and 19th century French visual culture and art theory
Mechthild Fend

Professor Briony Fer

20th century European and American art; contemporary art
Briony Fer

Dr Emily Floyd

Pre-Columbian and colonial art of Latin America; print culture and materiality in colonial South America; movement and circulation; decolonial theory; hybridity, visibility and invisibility; material religion; colonialism and race; nationalism and the construction of regional art histories
Dr Emily Floyd

Professor Tamar Garb

19th and 20th century European art; feminism and global politics; art and visual culture in South Africa; colonial critique, photographic histories and contemporary art from Africa; the image of the 'Jew'; race, racialisation and representation in modern and contemporary art

Tamar Garb

Dr Hanna Hölling

Intersection of material culture studies, art history and conservation; modern and contemporary art and media; notions of materiality, changeability, time, and archive
Hanna Hölling

Dr Cadence Kinsey

Contemporary art, digital media, histories of art and technology, live art and performamce, questions of gender and subjectivity
Cadence Kinsey

Professor Robert Mills

Medieval visual culture; representations of pain and punishment; saints; gender and sexuality; animal studies; translation
Robert Mills

Professor Mignon Nixon

Modern and contemporary art; questions of feminism, gender, sexuality and subjectivity; artistic resistance to militarism and war; psychoanalysis; violence; the politics of peace
Professor Mignon Nixon

Professor Rose Marie San Juan

Early modern Italian visual culture (Rome and Naples); urban space and visual technologies (print / film)
Rose Marie San Juan

Professor Frederic J. Schwartz

Modern German art, architecture and design; critical theory and the historiography of art
Fred Schwartz

Dr Stephanie Schwartz

19th and 20th century Photography and Photographic Theory, American Visual Culture, Postcolonial Theory and Geography, Contemporary Cuban Art, Media Theory
Stephanie Schwartz

Dr Allison Stielau

Northern European art and material culture, c.1400-1700
Dr Allison Stielau

Dr Richard Taws

18th and 19th century French and British visual culture; art and the French Revolution; print culture; history and theory of media and technology
Richard Taws

Professor Alison Wright

Painting, sculpture, goldsmith work, drawing/design, mainly Italian, from the 14th to the earlier 16th century. Having focussed historically on questions of artistic practice, patronage, ideology and reception, Alison's current research on surfaces addresses the material uses and effects – social, political and aesthetic – of metals, across media and over time.



Alison Wright