History of Art



2010 Summer Term

Date Speaker Title

13 May

Richard Wrigley
University of Nottingham
Loitering with Intent:  Art, Politics, and the Origins of the Flaneur

20 May

Maud Jacquin
Colonial history and Narrative Disruption:  Eija Liisa Ahtila's 'Where is Where?' and the Poetics of Installation
27 May Christina Zetterlund
Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm
Based on a True Story:  Some Aspects of the Relation Between Design, Craft and Art History

3 June

Irina Chkhaidze
Becoming Critter:  Challenges to Anthropocentrism and Patricia Piccinini's 'The Gathering'

2010 Spring Term

Date Speaker Title
21 January Hazem Abu-Orf
University of Palestine, El-Zahra/UCL
A History of Collaboration to Foster Urban Planning Unification:  Lessons and Guidelines Drawn for Other Divided Cities
4 February Andrew Hemingway
EH Gombrich in 1958:  Methodological Individualism and Cultural Conservatism
25 February Rebecca Arnold
Courtauld Institute of Art
Dress/Body/Image:  Fashion and Photography in Mid-Twentieth Century America
2 March Richard Taws
McGill University, Montreal
Part 1 of the Tomás Harris Lecture Series:

Time, Media and the French Revolution I

4 March
Richard Taws
McGill University, Montreal
Part 2 of the Tomás Harris Lecture Series:

Time, Media and the French Revolution I
11 March Rajesh Heynickx
University of Antwerp & Saint Lucas School of Architecture, Ghent/Brussels
Forgotten Aesthetics in Modernism:  Michel Seuphor
18 March Giovanna Morra
Central St Martins, University of the Arts, London
Inside the Freud Museum: The Art of Postmemory
25 March Cadence Kinsey
Petting and Personhood:  The (Non)human Animal

2009 Autumn Term

Date Speaker Title
22 October Wolfgang Brückle
University of Essex
Representing Collectives in Contemporary Art:  Involvement, Participation, Community
29 October Adrian Forty
Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Concrete and Photography
5 November Micah Christiansen
'The most popular Spanish History Painting':  Doña Juana la Loca (1877) by Francisco Pradilla
19 November Max Kozloff
Critic, Art Historian and Photographer
New York
A Few Wrinkles in Portrait Photography
26 November Susan Siegfried and Adrian Rifkin
University of Michigan, USA
Goldsmith's, University of London 

Susan Siegfried and Adrian Rifkin in conversation.

The discussion will be followed by a reception in celebration of the publication of Ingres:  Painting Reimagined by Susan L. Siegfried (Yale University Press)

3 December Milena Tomic
Reenactment, Difference and the Yugoslav New Art Practice:  Objects and Actions by Rasa Todosijeviae and the OHO Group
9 December Maja Fowkes
Land Art and Ecology under Socialism:  The Hungarian Pecs Group Workshop
17 December Thomas Morgan Evans
'Taking place simultaneously as an external phenomenon and inside the brain':  Dan Graham's 'Two Correlated Rotations,' the 'Perceptual Process Itself' and Spirals