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PROTEST//REFUGE//CONFLICT NOW: Spatial, material, and visual implications across the MENA region

PROTEST//REFUGE//CONFLICT NOW: Spatial, material, and visual implications across the MENA region

22nd May 2015, 1-6pm,

History of Art Department UCL,

seminar rooms 3 & 4

Organised by Eray Çaylı and Tom Snow.

Presentations by: 

Özden Şahin, Tom Snow, Lorenzo Pezzani, Eray Çaylı, Samar Maqusi, Adrian Lahoud.

Chaired by: Alan Ingram (panel 1), Peg Rawes (panel 2).

This symposium addresses public protest, armed conflict, and various forms of refuge in the context of contemporary Middle East and North Africa (MENA). From occupational activist activities to forced exile and migration, the MENA region is currently experiencing dramatic change in the wake of the Arab Spring alongside other social, political, and ecological shifts. In what ways are current events altering material space, urban experience, and mediations of visual culture? How have developments in various forms of digital and social media impacted on the way information is circulated in the public sphere? How might recent migrant cultures be related credibly and productively, if at all, to new protest cultivations beyond their linear or narrative historical development? In addressing some of these questions, participants in 'Protest/Refuge/Conflict Now' draw upon their current research projects in order to reflect on the current state of politics and culture, as many experience and/or pay conflicted witness to progressive and humanitarian campaigns to civil justice, alongside devastating and obscene humanitarian crises. 

The afternoon consists of two sessions, each including three 20 minute papers and followed by the critical responses of Alan Ingram (UCL, Geography) and Peg Rawes (UCL, Bartlett), and followed by audience questions and comments. 

The preliminary schedule for the day is as follows:

1:00-1:15: Introduction by the co-organizers

1:15-3:15: Panel 1 (chaired by Alan Ingram [UCL Geography]): Özden Şahin (Goldsmiths College , Media & Comm. dept.), Tom Snow (UCL HoA), Lorenzo Pezzani (UCL, Bartlett)

3:15-3:345 Short break

3:45-5:45: Panel 2 (chaired by Peg Rawes [UCL, Bartlett]): Eray Çaylı (UCL, HoA & Bartlett), Samar Maqusi (UCL, Bartlett), Adrian Lahoud (UCL, Bartlett)

5:45-6:00 Short break

6:00-6:30 Final comments and questions regarding both panels 6:30-7:30 Wine reception