History of Art



Autumn 2013 Programme

Date Subject Content
Thursday 17th October
Gallery Visit

The CSCA invites you to a viewing of Reflections from Damaged Life. An exhibition on psychedelia.

We will meet at Raven Row at 11am

Thursday 31st October Gallery Visit

The CSCA invites you to a viewing of The Show is Over.

We will meet at Gagosian Gallery at 11am

Tuesday 26th November Art and Radical Democracy after Occupy Reading Group
Saturday 7th December Art and Radical Democracy after Occupy

Panel discussion:

Chantal Mouffe, Gavin Grindon, Mark Fisher, and Tom Snow. The panel will be introduced and chaired by TJ Demos.

Seminar room 6, 2pm-6pm

Spring 2014 Programme

Date Subject Content
Tuesday 21st January
Open School East, talk

The CSCA invites you to a talk on alternative academies, artist led education projects and free universities, by Sam Thorne. Sam's talk will also introduce the Open School East project - a non-fee paying art school and a communal space based at a former library in De Beauvoir Town, East London.

Venue Open School East 6.30pm


new date t.b.a.

Artist's Talk
Jeremy Deller will be discussing his practice in relation to his current exhibition project, 'All That Is Solid Melts Into Air'
Friday 7th March
Gallery Visit

Tour of Hannah Höch at Whitechapel Gallery given by the curator of the exhibition, Daniel Herrmann.

Thursday 20th March
Pop Art and Beyond
Friday and Saturday 4th-5th April
Conference BOOM: Growth, Form and Sustainable Bodies

Summer 2014 Programme

Date Subject Content
Saturday 10th May
Art in the Age of Real Abstraction
Wednesday 21st May
Open Seminar

Ursula Biemann: Carbon Ecologies

This open seminar will explore the themes and issues of the International New Media Gallery (INMG)'s current online exhibition, Ursula Biemann: Carbon Ecologies

Short presentations by TJ Demos (UCL), Nabil Ahmed (Goldsmiths), and the INMG curatorial team regarding critical art practice and environmental activism will provide the basis for discussion amongst seminar participants.

The Carbon Ecologies exhibition catalogue is also available free online and is recommended as preparatory reading.

Tuesday 27th May
Artist Talk and Exhibition Tour

Carroll Fletcher Gallery, 56-57 Eastcastle St, London W1W 8EQ, 2pm, free no booking required

Talk and exhibition tour with the artist Mishka Henner

Thursday and Friday 5th-6th June
Botanical Drift: Walking Kew Gardens
Friday 6th June

Botanical Drift Round Table
The miniature world of Economic Botany in Kew Gardens is unfurled through plant protagonists: ferns, trees, sea coconuts, other rebel species, and their vegetable philosophies. Colonial plant collections are the site and material for a group of artists, historians, curators, and botanists in the Botanical Drift. The Roundtable Workshop makes the art-research in this series of performances and debates public. Please join us for film screenings, slide shows, and discussions around plant molecular biology, chaotic nature, gender, ecology, and plants as sensory and communicative organisms. 


Monday 9th June
Artist talk
Phyllida Barlow in conversation with Briony Fer and Fiona Bradley.
Pearson Lecture Theatre 5.30pm