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CSCA: Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art


The Centre seeks to generate debate concerning those pressing questions facing the contemporary condition of art, as well as providing a valuable space in which to work through the complex trajectories of contemporary art's long history. Engaging with the work being done by postgraduate students and staff in the department, the Centre provides a place to think, theorise and historicise contemporary art, exploring what it has become in light of the complex global, historical, social and political aspects of its current expanded field.

All events take place from 6pm in Seminar Room 3 and 4 at UCL History of Art Department, 20 - 21 Gordon Square, London  WC1H 0AG unless otherwise noted.

Summer Programme 2020

All events will take place on MS Teams.

Tues 5 May, 4pm

Tamar Garb Portraiture and Proximity: Meditations in a Time of Social Distancing

Tamar will talk for about twenty minutes on Alice Neel, to be followed by discussion.

Tues 12 May, 4pm 

Archives: new possibles

Led by Bea Gassmann de Sousa

Week of 18th MayJob talks for Global South appointments

(Please note: please do listen in and give your views if you are able to).


...and another thing....

(all welcome). What are you reading and why? An informal session sharing possible tactics and strategies through a range of resources. Please share your current reading/ any useful materials/ texts that may help us see new possibilities for thinking afresh about our research. Given the fact that many of our usual habits for unblocking/refreshing our work aren’t available to us, it would be great to have the chance to listen to what others are finding interesting right now.

Week of 25th MayJob talks for British Art appointmentPlease note: please do listen in and give your views if you are able to)
Tuesday 26th May, 5pm

‘Futures’ led by Ivan Knapp and Chloe Julius

As we adapt to restrictions on the way we engage with art we might take the opportunity to recognise that there is broad spectrum of works made for precisely these viewing conditions. This project aims to programme a series of mini exhibitions that each bring together two works, paired within the theme of 'futures'. The works displayed will all be created primarily for online engagement. They will be put 'up' for two weeks at a time, with each change of works accompanied by a brief introduction and group discussion. The programme requests that suggested online works responding to the theme of 'futures' are submitted by members of the CSCA who will then be asked to introduce the works when displayed. The first iteration will take place on the afternoon of the 26th of May, and will be distributed in advance.

Tuesday 2nd June, 4pmStudio Visit

Studio Visit with Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa


Film screening followed by online discussion

in collaboration with Past Imperfect, online discussion of Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio (1986). With an introduction from Bob Mills.

Thursday 11th June, 4pmFilm screening followed by online discussion

in collaboration with Past Imperfect, on line discussion of Derek Jarman’s film The Garden (1990). Followed 5-6pm with our very own virtual GARDEN PARTY (at home) to mark the end of the summer term. All are welcome!


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