History of Art


Tomás Harris Visiting Professorship

Recent lectures in the series

  • 2024: Jennifer Nelson (University of Delaware): Art and the Other: The Ends of World Christendom
  • 2023: Dr Sanjukta Sunderason (University of Amsterdam): 'Art as Archives of Decolonial Liberation' and 'Historical Consciousness and Decolonial Modernisms'
  • 2022: Dr Anna Arabindan-Kesson  (Princeton): Geographies of Nineteenth Century Black Art
  • 2019: Dr Cécile Fromont (Yale University): Images on a Mission in Early Modern Kongo and Angola
  • 2018: Jeremy Melius (Tufts University): Ruskin's Histories - Being together and Being Apart
  • 2017: David Young Kim (University of Pennsylvania): Groundwork and the Renaissance Picture - How can we bring the ground into view?  and Gold Ground as the site of possibility
  • 2015-16: Charlotte Guichard (Institute d'histoire moderne et contemporaine, CNRS-École normale supérieure-Paris 1): Performing the Name: "Signatures, Authorship and Autographie in Eighteenth-Century French Painting" and "Revolutionary Signatures: Jacques-Louis David and the Politics of Authenticity"
  • 2014-15: André Dombrowski (UPenn in Philadelphia): "Temporalities of Impressionism I: Monet and the Wreckage of history" and "Temporalities of Impressionism II: Painting at the Speed of Consciousness"
  • 2012-13: Rachel Haidu (University of Rochester): "How to Teach a Sculptor: Artur Żmijewski, Grzegorz Kowalski, Oskar Hansen, Katarzyna Kobro", and "'Black is a Color': Steve McQueen, James Coleman, Black Audio Film Collective" 
  • 2011-12: John David Rhodes (University of Sussex): "Narrative Cinema and Domestic Architecture: The Spectacle of Property", and "Hollywood, City of Bungalows" 
  • 2010-11: Hanneke Grootenboer (University of Oxford): "An Overlooked Episode of Vision's History: Eighteenth-Century Eye Portraits", and "Treasuring the Gaze: Portraiture's Intimate Vision" 
  • 2009-10: Dr Richard Taws (McGill University, Montreal): "Time, Media and the French Revolution"
  • 2008-09: Dr Claire Bishop (The Graduate Center, CUNY): "The Social Turn in Contemporary Art"
  • 2007: Professor Michael Cole (University of Pennsylvania): "Urbanism as Exorcism at the End of the Renaissance"
  • 2006: Professor David Joselit (Yale University): "Feedback: Art and Politics in the Television Era"