History of Art


Equipment and Software

Materials Laboratory

The Materials Studies laboratory is equipped with a number of instruments for the characterisation of heritage materials:

analytical equipment

Analytical Instrumentation


• Instron 5944 Single Column Tensile Tester with pneumatic grips and 100 N, 500 N and 2 kN load cells.

• Perkin Elmer Dynamic Mechanical Analyser with Triton Technologies Humidity Chamber

• Magritek Unilateral Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) MOUSE and Kea2 NMR Spectrometer

• Innov-X portable X-ray Fluorescence Delta Premium 4000 Spectrometer

• DeltaNu portable Raman Rapid ID with 785 nm laser




• 1 x Meiji Polarized Light Microscope with transmitted and incident illumination

• 1 x Microtec RM-1 Polarized Light Microscope with transmitted illumination

• 2 x Microtec HM-3 Stereomicroscope with transmitted and incident illumination and a zoom range of 6.4:1

• 2 x USB microscopes


Analytical Software


• Instron Bluehill 3

• PerkinElmer Pyris

• Kea Prospa

• Bruker OPUS

• DeltaNu NuSpec

lab equipment

General Laboratory Equipment


• A&D GF-300 Analytical Balance, 310 x 0.001 g

• Erlab CaptairFlex Ductless Fumehood

• Pipetman® pipettes: P20, P200 and P1000

• Purite Labwater 1 with coil and gun

• Incubator: maximum temperature 100 °C

• UV Lamps