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Material Studies Laboratory

The Material Studies Laboratory is a research and teaching facility housed within the Department of History of Art, UCL. It consists of two laboratory spaces, one dedicated to teaching and handling of materials and artifacts, with the second focusing on the instrumental analysis of heritage materials.

The laboratory is used by UCL academic staff, research fellows, research students, in addition to undergraduate students studying on the History of Art with Material Studies (HAMS) / History of Art, Materials and Technology (MAT) programme. Visiting researchers and external collaborations are also welcome. The facility is equipped with instruments for materials characterisation, with a particular focus on mechanical analysis of cultural heritage materials. The laboratory also has portable equipment that can be used for scientific investigations onsite within museum and heritage collections.



Meet the people working in material heritage and heritage science

Material Studies Research


A taste of the overarching themes and current projects within the Material Studies Lab

Materials Library


Inventory of our materials library, containing both historical and modern materials used in artistic production

Equipment and Software


Catalogue of our equipment and software used for the study of heritage materials

Funding Bodies & Research Collaborators

Funding Bodies & Research Collaborators