History of Art


HART0083 Empires of Africa: Introduction to African Art & Archaeology - indicative weekly topics

Week 1: Introduction: Mobiliary and Rock art in Africa

Week 2: Ancient Egypt: Art and Kingship

Week 3: Nubia: from Kerma to Meroe

Week 4: The Aksumite Empire of Ethiopia

Week 5: North Africa and the Trans-Saharan Trade Routes

Week 6: The Inner Niger Delta: Dia and Jenne Jeno

Week 7: The Lower Niger Delta: Igbo-Ukwu, Ile-Ife, and Benin

Week 8: States South of the Zambezi: Mapungubwe and Great Zimbabwe

Week 9: The Swahili Coast: The Kilwa Sultanate

Week 10: Approaches to African Art