History of Art


HART0080: Changes in the Landscape: Empire, Industry, Environment - indicative weekly topics

Week 1: What is Landscape?

Week 2: Landscape vs. Ecology

Week 3: Inheritances: Landscape Painting in Europe

Week 4: Imperial Pasts in the Mediterranean

Week 5: Surveying and Surveillance in Scotland

Week 6: Circulating Empire

Week 7: Enclosure and Industrial Discipline

Week 8: The “Industrial Sublime”

Week 9: Slavery and Landscapes of Labour in the Atlantic World

Week 10: Panoramic Visions

Week 11: Inventing Ecologies at the Botanic Garden

Week 12: Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Ecologies 

Week 13: Printmaking and National Space

Week 14: Steam and Speed

Week 15: Landscapes of Revolt

Week 16: Sanitary Reform and the Remaking of the City

Week 17: Contagions and Miasmas

Week 18: Orientalism and the Imperial Archive

Week 19: The Aesthetics of Waste

Week 20: Backward Glances