History of Art


Visual Resources

The History of Art Department's Visual Resources team are here to support staff and students in the provision and creation of digital media for teaching, learning and research.

Equipment and services

Scanning Stations

These are available for the production of digital image files from photographs, book illustrations, prints up to A3 size, slides, photographic negatives and diapositives (slide film)

  • Epson A4 Perfection V750 Pro scanner.
  • Epson A3 GT-20000 scanner

Images for presentations:

Images for use in teaching and learning are available from a variety of different sources. For advice on this please see our document Digital Images Guidelines.

Here is a list of links to online image collections and databases which could be useful in your studies.

Slide Library

We still maintain the departmental slide collection. This archive of well over 100,000 analogue photographic slides was for many years key to the teaching in the department but has now been superseded by digital images.

AV support - Teaching spaces

We offer support to staff and students for the use of audio-visual equipment in the department's teaching spaces. 

Advice on copyright

Many of the materials used in teaching and learning within the HoA department (and UCL as a whole) are protected under copyright law. However, there are exceptions within the law which allow for certain usage in education. UCL also holds licences permitting copying of parts of the library holdings and for the use of certain broadcast materials.

Use of text and images for quotation and example in essays and seminar presentations should be covered by these exceptions and licences.

Further information can be obtained from:

 IPO publications of particular interest-

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss copyright issues in more detail please contact Martin Perks.


We hope to expand this section of the website to offer more detailed advice, guidance and resources in the area of multimedia presentations tools and the integration of  audio, visual, online and digital media within teaching, learning and research.