History of Art



2014 Summer Term

Date Speaker Title
02 June
Sophie Morris
Movement, Muscles and Courtesy Culture: Anatomical Bodies in Seventeenth-Century London
05 June
Moran Sheleg
A Girl Who Paints
09 June
Kelly Freeman
Skeletons of Iron & Bone: The Architectures on Display at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History
16 June
Sevan Injejikian Beirut in Conflict: New Media Interventions during and following the 2006 July War
18 June
Anne Reimers
'Mein lieber Otto' - Anita Berber and Otto Dix, Berlin 1926
19 June
Afonso Dias Ramos
Imageless in Angola: Photography in the Aftermath of War
23 June
Sena Lee
Transitional Bodies and Spaces in 17th century Mythological Painting

2014 Spring Term

Date Speaker Title
23 January
Thomas Snow
An Institutional Retreat: The 13th Istanbul Biennial (2013)
30 January
Irene Montero Sabin On Documenta and the War on Terror

2013 Autumn Term

Date Speaker Title
03 October
Rosemary Moore
Paper Cuts: The Early Modern Fugitive Print
10 October
Amy Cox
A Space of Representation, Re-presented: Jan van Kessel, Painting Nature and Knowledge and Fooling the Eye
17 October
Nathanael Price
Michelangelo's Moses-Idol
24 October
Allison Deutsch
L'art, L'aliment, Palais, Palette, Peint, Pâte: Towards a Gastronomic Art History?
21 November
Catherine Lofthouse
Stylistic Rivalry as Masquerade and Contamination
28 November
Alexandra Ault
The Fine Art Print Trade and the Printsellers Association 1847-1912
05 December
Andrew Witt
From an Economic Recession to a Human Recession: Unemployment and the Crisis of Representation
12 December Irene Montero Sabin
On Documenta and the War on Terror