History of Art



2012 Summer Term

Date Speaker Title
Wednesday 23 May
Yvette Gresle
'The work I made was an attempt to make something out of nothing'. Jo Ractliffe's Vlakplaas 2 June 1999 (drive-by shooting)
24 May
Flavia Frigeri 'the images that we have in us': Pino Pascali's sculpture
Tuesday 29 May Kathleen Froyen

Title: to be announced

31 May
Julie Beckers
'Beyond Clausura': The Visual Reform of Santa Maria di Monteluce in Perugia, c.1340-1525
Wednesday 6 June
Larne Abse Gogarty
Rehearsals for Revolution: 'Communities and Collective Movement'

2012 Spring Term

Date Speaker Title
12 January
Harriet O'Neil The Neo-Renaissance Frame at the National Gallery 1850-1880
19 January
Tom Wilkinson Art History on the Radio: Walter Benjamin and Wilhelm Pinder 1930/1940
2 February Edward MacDonald-Toon

Contemporary Arab Representations: The Iraqi Equation - a case study of geographical and discursive exhibition practice

23 February
Gemma Carroll
The Ruin and the Ruined in the Work of Kurt Schwitters
8 March
Nikos Pegioudis Criticizing the Crisis: Intellectual labour and artistic radicalism in late Weimar Germany

2011 Autumn Term

Date Speaker Title
20 October
Teresa Kittler
Invading the everyday: From kitchen to nightclub, Marisa Merz's Untitled (Living Sculpture)
27 October
Catherine McCormack Pietre Vive: Devotional Touch at the foot of Sculpture in Early Modern Rome
24 November
Carla Benzan

Presenting Presence: The Ecce Homo chapel at the Sacro Monte of Varallo

8 December
Amy Halliday CANCELLED