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Sample invite email

Read our sample hackathon invite for tips for your own invite email.

To get the right participants attending a hackathon it's critical to get the initial invitation right. Both in terms of tone and content.

You want to catch people’s attention quickly, while clearly conveying what the event is about. Think about the key information that the audience might want to know and how you can share that with them as easily as possible.

It's at this stage you'll also need to know how people should apply (if places are capped), or RSVP, to the event and what information you might want to capture.

For the CreaTech Glossary hackathon, places were limited. So we asked people to respond to a few questions using a google form that allowed us to select participants. We also asked for their names, faculty, dietary requirements and any access needs.

When drafting your email: 

  • Start your email by getting people’s attention and clearly conveying what they can expect from the event. In our email (below) we wanted to ensure that people knew this would be a fun, multidisciplinary event where they would have the opportunity to network and learn a new way of working.
  • Share details on who will be involved. This will help people to determine whether they might like to attend and any type of preparation they may wish to do.
  • Be clear if you are running an in-person only event (as many people assume events to be online or hybrid) 
  • Be clear on the deadline for applications and how to apply.

Copy of our hackathon invite email 

Dear all

Are you interested in innovation? Want to learn more about the intersection of law, technology and the creative sector? Do you want a unique and impactful networking experience?

If you answered yes to any of the above, apply to the inaugural UCL Art Futures x Simmons & Simmons hackathon (details below).

About the partners 

UCL Art Futures is a collaboration between UCL Laws, UCL Innovation & Enterprise and the Slade School of Fine Art, and was established to explore new ways of creating, collaborating and working in an increasingly technology driven world.

Simmons & Simmons is a global law firm, an award-winning leader in innovation (most recently the FT Innovative Lawyers award) and a significant supporter of the arts, owning a globally renowned art collection featuring artists from around the world with strong ties to emerging British artists.


A one-day, in-person, hacakthon where students will work in groups, supported by mentors from Simmons & Simmons, to develop the first UCL CreaTech (Creative Technologies) glossary. The glossary will be an online, authoritative and accessible resource of key legal terms that will help to support the emerging CreaTech community. 

All participants will have their names immortalised in a digital, interactive, art piece (hosted on the Slade School of Fine Art’s website) that has been especially commissioned for this project.

As part of the experience, students will learn innovative techniques in collaboration, design thinking and communication. Skills that are now critical for all sectors as we live and work in a globalised and ever more technology focussed world.


The hackathon is hosted by Simmons & Simmons at their London office: [address]

This is an in-person event.


2 November 2022 (9am – 6pm).

How to apply 

There are 60 student places available. Please apply by midnight on [date] by completing this form [we included a link to the form here] to share your contact details with us and a brief paragraph on why you want to participate.

Successful applicants will be notified by email.

Should you have any questions about the hackathon please contact [details].

We look forward to receiving your applications and working with you on this exciting new project!