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Future Art Futures: Stories from CreaTech start-ups and business leaders

08 July 2021, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

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Join us for an inspiring knowledge exchange panel exploring the startup journey within the creative industries and meet some of London’s most exciting entrepreneurs. This online event is free and open to all.

This event is free.

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UCL Art Futures, a collaboration between UCL Innovation & Enterprise, Faculty of Laws and Slade School of Fine Art


This event will introduce some of London’s newest and most exciting entrepreneurs in the rapidly expanding CreaTech sector.

An inspiring, knowledge exchange panel will explore the start-up journey within the creative industries, from graduate enterprise through to successful business leaders.

Speakers will share their reflections on the entrepreneurial journey, including lessons learnt, guidance for colleagues starting their journey, and their future business ambitions.

Who it's for

It's open to all, whether you're just getting started or keen to learn more from our panel of business leaders.

The panel

The panel will be chaired by Jo Townsend, Principal Partnerships Manager (Creative sectors), UCL Innovation & Enterprise, and co-founder of UCL Art Futures.

Panellists will include:

  • Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, CEO, Vastari
  • Vishal Kumar, Co-founder and CEO, Alice Camera
  • Sneha Shah, CEO, Curaty
  • Olga, Kravchenko, CEO, Musemio
  • Dr Anna Donovan, Lecturer in Laws
  • Kieren Reed, Director, Slade School of Fine Art

Date and time

Thursday, 8 July 2021 from 2pm to 3pm.

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About the Speakers

Bernadine Bröcker Wieder

CEO, Vastari

Bernadine is a well published and prominent thought leader in the art and tech community. She co-founded Vastari in 2012 and has been shaping Vastari's strategic direction, investor portfolio and industry advocacy ever since. Coming from the commercial art world, Bernadine holds a track record of successful entrepreneurial activities. Amongst others, Bernadine helped establish Trinity House, an Impressionist and Modern gallery in London in 2010.

More about Bernadine Bröcker Wieder

Sneha Shah

CEO, Curaty

Sneha is the founder and CEO of Curaty, a research-driven company connecting art with business, using machine learning and computer vision technologies. Since its inception a year ago, Curaty has been recognised as an industry leader by the UK's Creative Industry's Council by being named in their "100 Ones to Watch" 2020. Sneha is a public advocate for equity for artists and the benefits of art, and has been invited to lead workshops and talks at institutions such as London Business School.

More about Sneha Shah

Vishal Kumar

Cultural Data Scientist and CEO and Co-founder of Alice Camera

Vishal is a cultural data scientist with extensive experience managing data science, AI and 5G projects in the cultural and creative industries. He's a researcher at The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at UCL and consultants for several governments and international organisations. In 2019 Vishal co-founded the Alice Camera, a computational photography start-up building a novel AI camera for content creators.

More about Vishal Kumar

Olga Kravchenko

CEO, Musemio

Olga is CEO of Musemio, an immersive learning platform that allows children to adventure on immersive quests featuring co-created narrative content from partner institutions around the world. She’s on a mission to make arts, culture and history accessible for every child. As a young leader, she has shown an exceptional capacity to build a scalable business solution underpinned by her expertise in the immersive technologies and cultural sector.

More about Olga Kravchenko

Jo Townshend

Principal Partnerships Manager (Creative sectors), UCL Innovation & Enterprise, and co-founder of UCL Art Futures

Jo’s work sits at the interface of academic research and industry. She's responsible for identifying and developing strategic partnerships, specialising in facilitating multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations with the performing, production and visual arts, museums, galleries and business.

Anna Donovan

Lecturer in Law, UCL Faculty of Laws, and co-founder of UCL Art Futures

A former corporate solicitor in London, and qualified to practice in New York, Anna’s work focusses on issues of corporate law and governance, together with emerging technologies such as distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Kieren Reed

Director, Slade School of Fine Art, and co-founder of UCL Art Futures

Kieren’s art research encompasses sculpture, public art, performance and installation, technology - from studies in form to the production of architectural structures. His art is most often linked to a process, place, site or a consideration of a space or situation.