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CreaTech glossary: Legal definition for creative professionals

Our CreaTech glossary provides brief, practical, definitions of key legal terms that are relevant to the creative sector.

These introductory terms are designed to help you recognise and understand the core legal issues, and documents, that you may encounter in your practice.

The glossary includes terms relating to three common situations in practice:

  • the sale of a piece of work by a visual artist
  • a meeting about a possible commercial collaboration between that artist and a third party
  • the potential intellectual property infringement that arises from an unauthorised use of that artist’s work
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The contents of the CreaTech Glossary are accurate as at 1 January 2023.

Disclaimer: The contents of the CreaTech Glossary are provided for general information only, based on English law. The Glossary does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If you require legal advice you should contact a specialist lawyer. No warranty or representation is given as to the accuracy of the information.