SoilHeap Monograph series

ASE publishes the results of our projects and research in a variety of formats and outlets, from multi-site monographs to short notes in popular magazines. A substantial number of projects are published as articles in county archaeological society journals or specialist publications.

Since 2009, ASE has published a joint monograph series with Surrey County Council Archaeological Unit, under the SpoilHeap publications imprint. The series includes peer-reviewed monographs, as well as an occasional paper series for smaller sites. These volumes are produced and designed in-house giving us complete control over the process and flexibility to respond to the differing needs and requirements of each publication project. There are a number of volumes in progress and forthcoming volumes planned for release in 2013-2015.

Details on SpoilHeap Monographs 1 to 4 and Occasional Papers 1 and 2 can be found here.

  • Monographs
    Archaeology South-East's SpoilHeap monograph imprint
  • Articles
    A bibliography of staff authored articles from the past five years
  • Forthcoming volumes
    Forthcoming titles in the SpoilHeap monograph and occasional papers series

  • Grey Literature
    ASE generate a large volume of site specific reports which we make available through the Resources area of our website

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