Mission Statement

Placing the past in the service of the future.

Excavation of wooden trackway remains at Belmarsh Prison

Good archaeology is not just about understanding the past, but about understanding the needs of the present. It is not just about dealing with ancient landscapes, but about engaging with the people who live and work in those landscapes today.

We work with local communities, developers, government agencies, scientific experts and private individuals to make sense of the past. This means getting quickly to the core of archaeological problems, finding ways to maximize public benefits whilst minimizing cost and delay. We are as good at risk management as we are at research excellence, since one depends on the other. We offer clear explanations and practical advice based on a sound professional understanding of all aspects of the historic environment.

We believe in doing the job right, meeting the needs of our clients, and giving something back to the people whose past we have the privilege to explore. Our professional reputation rests on the skills of our staff, whom we train and support as fully as we can. Here too we put people first.

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