Quotes Feature Box

  • “This is a wonderful place. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, 10/10.”  - Caspar Cech-Lucas BA Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation
  • “The IoA is a fun and inclusive place to study. The staff are very supportive and helpful!”  - Cassie Cramer BA Archaeology
  • “There is no place like the IoA - if you want to study archaeology, then go here.”  - Stacey Johnson BA Archaeology & Anthropology
  • “Absolutely loved my time here. I had the greatest experiences.”  - Becky Lord BSc Archaeology
  • “I feel privileged to have spent three years at such a respected and friendly institution.”  - Polly Martin BA Archaeology
  • “I have had the best lecturers in the world!”  - Theresa O'Mahony BA Archaeology
  • “The best place you can find to study archaeology”  - Alex Osborne BA Archaeology & Anthropology
  • “I have loved my time here - best decision I made!”  -  Elin Price BA Archaeology
  • “The Institute gave me the opportunities of a lifetime! Experiences I will never forget.”  -  Jazmin Sexton BSc Archaeology

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