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How much archaeological fieldwork is involved?

On arrival at UCL, you will participate in our long-established Experimental Archaeology course, spending four days away from London to do things like pottery making, copper smelting, flint-knapping, wood working, and collecting and processing wild foods. This is both an opportunity to learn about life in the past first-hand and to get to know each other and our staff in an informal setting. As part of your degree you are required to complete 70 days of archaeological fieldwork, which you can spread across the three years of study. All students for this degree undertake a six-week study visit to the Mediterranean, as part of this 70 days of fieldwork. For the rest of your fieldwork, you will receive individual guidance as well as financial support, and we will ensure that you are placed with a high quality project. In your third year you will produce a portfolio describing your fieldwork experiences.

  • For further details on future career prospects after your degree, please see careers after archaeology. For further details on how to apply, open days, and living in London, please click on the following link.

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