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Ancient Civilisations of Andean South America

Through archaeology, material culture, and ethnohistory this course examines the rise and fall of complex Pre-Columbian civilisations of the Central Andes of South America. These include the origins of monumental public architecture in the Preceramic period, the development of the civic-ceremonial centre of Chavín de Huántar (1000-200 BC) in the highlands, the complex urban Moche 'multi-polities' (AD 1-650) of the desert coast, and the Tiwanaku state (AD 400-1200) of Lake Titicaca basin in the Bolivian-Peruvian altiplano. It concludes with the vast Inca Empire (AD 1400-1531) and the consequences of Spanish Conquest. 

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  • Code: ARCL2039
  • Course unit value: 0.5
  • Coordinator: José Oliver
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  • Running in 2017-18

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