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This course will be replaced by ARCL1014 and ARCL1015 from 2013-14

An introduction to archaeological field methods and techniques based on lectures, small group practical classes and fieldwork. The majority of the teaching will take place in the first two terms, with a four-day experimental archaeology field-course taking place at the end of the first week of the first term. During May / June there will be a two-week field training course and a one-week archive archaeology course. The elements covered by the course will include:

  • survey techniques including aerial survey, geophysics and field walking;
  • excavation strategies and recording including planning and photography;
  • conservation;
  • sampling strategies for environmental and dating evidence;
  • post-excavation, publication and archiving. 

The development of basic computing skills, the use of reference collections, and the analysis of raw data, will all be an integral part of the course.

  • Code: ARCL1006
  • Course unit value: 1.0
  • Coordinator: Kris Lockyear
  • Prerequisite:
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