MA in Archaeology of the Middle East

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Co-ordinator: David Wengrow

The MA in Archaeology of the Middle East is a one-year programme that encapsulates UCL's unrivalled range of expertise and resources in this exciting area of study. The Institute of Archaeology actively pursues fieldwork and research throughout the Middle East. It has a long and distinguished history of research in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and the Arabian Peninsula. Our faculty includes over twenty researchers with specialist regional expertise ranging across environmental and material sciences, spatial analysis, art history, cultural heritage, site management, excavation and survey, and is extended through our sister campus at UCL Qatar. Staff members are also engaged in large-scale synthetic and interdisciplinary studies, setting the agenda for future research both in the UK and globally.

In addition to developing new theoretical perspectives, we offer direct hands-on experience with archaeological evidence as part of our training. Our building houses extensive material culture and environmental collections from the Middle East, including the Petrie Palestinian Collection. Masters students are further assisted in making use of the wealth of resources available close to UCL, including those of the British Museum. The programme is ideally suited to students seeking to combine advanced study of Middle Eastern archaeology with new practical and interpretative skills, and provides an ideal foundation for doctoral research. Its chronological focus extends from early prehistory through the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, reflecting the breadth of research currently pursued at the Institute of Archaeology.

Please note that this degree will not run in 2015/16 and is being replaced by the MA in Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East

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