MA in Cultural Heritage Studies


Co-ordinator: Rachel King

This degree programme covers practical and theoretical approaches to the key issues and working practices in the field of cultural heritage. It is aimed at both those who wish to study cultural heritage as an academic subject, and those who might wish to obtain employment in the broad sector. The degree caters for students from a wide range of academic disciplines who wish to study a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field.

The Institute is a recipient of the Conservation and Heritage Management Award, from the Archaeological Institute of America, for exceptional achievement in these fields. Students benefit from the Institute's emphasis on the role of heritage in today's society, from the art and archaeology collections of University College London, and from the unrivalled resources of London's museums. The Institute of Archaeology supports the principles of the 1970 UNESCO Convention and the 1995 Unidroit Convention and is unique as a UK academic department in having an ethics policy concerning the illicit trade in antiquities.

Application Deadlines: The deadline for applications is 1st February 

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