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The Archaeology of Complex Urban Sites: Analytical and Interpretative Techniques

The course will cover approaches to the archaeology of complex stratigraphy and related material culture and ecofacts. Emphasis will be on important current research approaches and methods, including recording & analysing complex stratigraphy; formation processes & taphonomy; using material culture and ecofacts; statistical & spatial manipulation of data; research questions; dissemination strategies.

Aims of the course

  • To consider the nature and interpretation of archaeological and textual sources in approaching the city.
  • Provide participants with training in research methods relevant to the recording, analysis and dissemination of urban archaeology.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student should:

  • Have a sound grasp of approaches to urban archaeology.
  • Appreciate the importance of critical approaches to archaeological and textual sources within the context of urban archaeology.
  • Written and oral skills in analysis and presentation.

Teaching Methods

The main mode of delivery will be through 2-hour lectures on specified topics, with input from both Institute staff and external professionals working in the field. These will be augmented by 2-hour seminars (some of these held in the Museum of London Archaeological Archive Research Centre) with input from appropriate academic staff there. 

All course materials will be available to register

Course information

For registered students

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  • Not running in 2017-18

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