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This course introduces the fossil evidence for human evolution and its interpretation. It includes an introduction to techniques of species recognition and phylogenetic reconstruction as well as to the molecular evidence of the human line in the Miocene (23 - 5.5 mya). The second half of the course looks at the evolution and adaptation of the genus Homo, its spread out of Africa and the controversies surrounding subsequent evolution of modern humans. The laboratory sessions aim to familiarize you with (1) the relevant comparative anatomy, (2) the casts of the relevant fossils, and (3) the methodology and techniques necessary to interprete the fossil material. 

  • 2 hour post-graduate seminar and 2 hour lab practical each week.
  • Recommended attendance of 2 hour BSc lecture each week (Palaeoanthropology).

Course information

  • Code: ARCLG210/ANTHGH16
  • Credits: 15
  • Coordinator: Matthew Skinner
  • Prerequisite:
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  • Running in 2014-15

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