Fees 2017-2018 for Continuing Education (not short courses)

The course fees, for continuing education (not the short courses) for 2017-18, this includes UCL computer access / email accounts / Moodle Access and library access (but not borrowing rights) and are as follows:

  Half Unit Whole Unit
BA/BSc £260 £500
MA/MSc £435 £800

***These fees are for one course - if more than one course is taken then the fees for each additional course will be lower - please email Charlotte Frearson for more details.

All Continuing Education students are entitled to access to the UCL Library. The fees for 2017-18 are as follows:

Reading Rights: No charge (included in the course fee)
Borrowing Fees: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/library/membership/researchers-public

If you wish to take advantage of these borrowing facilities (open only to Continuing Education students, not short courses), please ensure that the Continuing Education Administrator is aware of this, so that you can be added to the Library system. Please contact the Institute’s Short Course Administrator for any further queries.

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