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What can I do with a heritage, sustainability and society degree?

Career pathways in the Creative and Cultural Industries.

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The creative and cultural industries are the UK’s fastest growing industrial sector and a major contributor to economies globally.

UCL’s new School for the Creative and Cultural Industries, in which the Heritage, Sustainability and Society BA is based, will support and develop the next generation of practitioners to work across the cultural and creative sectors, and more widely for careers where creativity and critical thinking are valued.

The new Heritage, Sustainability and Society BA has been newly designed from the ground up, with the advice of leading heritage sector organisations, to train the heritage professionals of the future.

Graduates of the Heritage, Sustainability and Society BA degree are well placed for careers in a number of different fields, including:

  • Heritage sector, such as museums, galleries, natural and cultural heritage interpretation and management
  • Cultural and arts institutions
  • Communication and Media
  • Events promotion and management
  • Tourism
  • Public sector
  • Charities and non-governmental organisations
  • Advocacy and policy-making
  • Government sector
  • Education

Many students will also go on to take:

  • Higher courses in conservation and museum studies
  • Further study and research

Our Heritage, Sustainability and Society BA will furnish you with a strong interdisciplinary background and skillset that are crucial to employment paths within and beyond the field of the creative and cultural sector. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of heritage studies and practices and the spheres in which heritage operates, is used and is applied. You will develop your critical thinking skills and apply them to structuring evidence-based arguments, supported by your qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis and interpretation skills.

Alongside your practical skills working with objects, sites and landscapes, and digital media, you will learn important public engagement skills, including participatory and ethnographic work and visual, oral and written presentation and communication, and how to work independently and as part of a team.

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