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What has your generation inherited from the past, and how should it be managed today to build a better world? UCL’s Heritage BA is a unique interdisciplinary degree that brings together thinking from across the social sciences and humanities. We will tackle urgent global questions around social inequality, climate change, colonial legacies, and conflict. We will explore how the past shapes the present, and what alternative futures are possible.

The degree is based at the world leading UCL Institute of Archaeology and the new School for the Creative and Cultural Industries at UCL’s state of the art campus in East London. It has been built from the ground up, with the advice of leading experts in the sector, to equip the heritage professionals of the future. 

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Why Heritage?

  • The Heritage BA is the first degree of its kind, bringing together archaeology, anthropology, geography, history, and history of art. These disciplines each share a fascination with the way legacies of the past shape the present, tackling issues such as
    global conflict, the climate crisis, racism, and social injustice.

  • This bold degree will provide you with the opportunity to apply interdisciplinary thinking in bespoke facilities. Through this degree, you will have access to museum objects, exhibition spaces and conservation labs. You will work with a wide network
    of community partners and heritage organisations, such as the brand new V&A East opening in 2024.

  • You will learn about and gain experience of a range of professional roles, including museum curation and conservation, community-led practice, and working with historic buildings, biodiversity, landscape management, archaeological sites, and archives.
    You will have the opportunity to create your own journey, building an intellectual and practical specialism that has tangible application in the real world. 

Key info

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Location: UCL East, London

Contact us

Email: c.frearson@ucl.ac.uk

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Programme overview

Find out more about our Heritage BA degree programme at UCL East.

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What will I study?

Full details of the structure of our Heritage BA degree programme.

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Get a taste of Heritage

Watch a selection of videos about our Heritage BA degree programme.

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What can I do with a Heritage degree?

Explore the career possibilities.

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Discover UCL East

Discover more about the UCL East campus in the Stratford area of East London.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Heritage BA degree programme.

Heritage BA UCL East Walkaround

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